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  • Proven for over 30 years
  • Uncompromising Swiss quality
  • Science-based
  • Tailored to treatment concepts of leading clinicians



«Impressive precision for maximum safety without compromise.»

Dr. O.Zuhr, Munich

Products at a glance


The Thommen Implant system at a glance

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The VARIOtemp abutment addresses the variety of clinical requirements with a single abutment type and offers greater flexibility in the choice and design of temporary dental restorations.

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Thommen Medical provides digital and conventional solutions for impression-taking at implant level. Impression-taking is a crucial step for the long-term success of implant supported restorations. Therefore, Thommen Medical does not compromise on the quality of impression-taking components.

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The simplicity of use is brought to you by the Thommen implant system through its complete clinical and prosthetic workflow.
It begins with the preparation of the implant bed using the unique VECTOdrill™. Its design with automatic axial guidance prevents the drill from slipping and at the same time ensures a precisely shaped implant bed.

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«Easy handling for precise tactility.»

Dr. K.Meyenberger, Zurich

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Unfortunately, healthy teeth cannot be taken for granted and the age plays no role

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About Thommen


The safety of patients and products is our top priority.

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